About Me


I'm Flynn, the creator of the "Spirit Productions" brand, and a 4th year Animation student at Savannah College of Art and Design (Graduation: Spring 2024)

I'm the co-founder of RAMCon, creator behind the 50-episode series "Art Block," the author behind "Spectral Wings" and a freelance artist!

Here on this page, you'll find details on my latest projects, resume & hiring information.

Thanks for stopping by!

A personal portrait made using vector programming.


An ominous moon looms on the horizon.

The 25th century comes with a lot of perks. Space travel is as common as airplanes, and passing by Jupiter is no different than seeing a road sign on one's daily commute.

At least, that was how it used to be for the crew of the Destiny until an alien parasite came aboard.

Waterborne - The logo of my next book
The logo for our short film "Topsiders"

Produced in Winter 2022 for an ANIM-313 course, Topsiders is a 3D animated short film made within the short time of just 7 weeks!

Team: Ramiro Lao (Director), Flynn Draper (Producer), Chris Arya (Lighting Lead), Hongxiang He (Modeling Lead), Michael Dahlson (Sound Lead)

Cover of my book: Spectral Wings

Spectral Wings: The Lost Princess

Even in a world of shapeshifters and magic, there is one law that no one must break. Never turn into a dragon. 

Kari is a studious noblewoman, a trained in the arcane, future queen, and eager to finally graduate as a certified sorceress. However, on the day of her ordination, she is cursed - transformed into a dragon in front of the court and her husband-to-be.

Disgraced in front of the kingdom and trapped in the body of a monster, Kari must venture out of her home and seek out the solution to her curse. However, time is short. The war between dragons and shapeshifters may have ended twenty years ago, but tensions are rising again. As such, Kari must hurry - or else she may be accidentally caught in the crossfire of a seemingly long-dead war.

Dive into this tale of draconic proportions, available now on Amazon Kindle and Paperback!