Frequently Asked Questions:

Some frequently asked questions regarding my work and/or business:

Q: How often do you open commissions?

A: Normally on a monthly basis, though with college it's a bit inconsistent. Be sure to follow me on Twitter to be notified of openings!

Q: If I don't get a commission this time, can I ask again later?

A: Of course! Sadly I can't accept everyone's commission, however, you are certainly welcome to ask again when they reopen!

Q: Can I post your artwork on my page?

A: If you do plan on posting my art elsewhere, I ask that you confirm with me beforehand and link to my pages when you do.

Q:  Do you do prints/traditional commissions?

A: The only traditional commissions I have gotten as of yet are convention badge commissions. I am willing to do traditional works, however, those will need to be custom estimated.

Q: How much does shipping cost?

A: Shipping costs depend highly on what's being shipped, the size and where it's going. Domestic U.S. shipping generally costs around $5-10 depending on what is being shipped.

Q: How can I contact you?

A: The best way to contact me regarding commission inquiries is to send me an email or use the contact page!

You can email me directly at:

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