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Ref Sheet: $200+

Includes 2 Perspectives (Front & Back). Options Below:

- 3/4 View Instead of Front/Back (+10%)

- Additional Perspective (+$50)

- Additional Features/Props (Ask for Price)

Twitch Emotes: $100 (Set of 5)

5x Custom emotes optimized for use on both Twitch and other platforms such as Discord. Comes with both an HD version and an optimized version for downscaling.

PNGTuber Rig: $120 (Bust Only), $170 (Halfbody)

A custom PNGTuber rig which comes with both a default open/closed expression, as well as 2x extra expression. +10% per each additional expression.

Vic Public.png
Flynn Pride PFP.png

Sketch: $45

Traditional or Digital Available

Flat Color: $90

Half Body: $70 | Head Only: $50

Cel-Shaded: $120

Half Body: $100 | Head Only: $80

Character Design: $120

For those wanting a character designed for them. Includes a Flat Colored Design + One Prop.

Painterly Shading: $110

Half Body: $90 | Head Only: $70

Profile Picture: $50

Bust shots optimized to be used as profile pictures on social media platforms

Logo Design/Watermark: $60+

Need a logo for your brand? I'm your guy! Includes a full PNG version of your logo.

Backgrounds: (Priced based on Complexity)

All commissions come with a basic color background (as well as a backgroundless version). If you're looking for a more complex/detailed background, here's roughly how much a background costs:

"Up Close" Background: +$70

Simple Interior Shot: +$100

Outdoor Shot: +$150-200

Complex Interior: +$200-300

All Prices listed are BASE Prices (USD) | PayPal Only

Please Read TOS Before Contacting me!

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