Commission Status: Closed

Re-opening: To Be Announced

Terms of Service:

Please read before contacting me.

I do not draw:

- Anything that could be constituted as "Not Safe for Work" (18+)

- Content containing any form of highly sexual themes, fetishes, extreme gore or nudity.

- Ideologically sensitive material, such as political, heavily religious or offensive material.

I will draw:

-Furries/Anthropomorphic creatures


-Weapon, prop or background designs

-Humans/Humanoid Creatures


-Fan Characters/Franchise Characters

General Rules:

All payments MUST be made via Paypal.

Anyone under 18/requiring parental permission to make purchases must get permission before contacting me.

Any chargebacks/inability to provide payment will result in being blacklisted from future commissions.

Clients may not re-post my work elsewhere unless you ask me ahead of time and credit my pages.

Clients who break any of my TOS, make me personally uncomfortable, harass/pester me, or otherwise cause my grief are subject to permanent blacklisting from any future business.

I have the right to refuse service to any clientelle/decline any project.

FAQ and Prices are under the "Hire Me" Dropdown.

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