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About Me

Hiya! I'm Flynn (they/them), also known as "Spirit Productions" online! I'm an author, digital illustrator, and a graphic designer! I'm also the Co-founder and PR Manager of RAMCon, as well as the producer behind the show Art Block! Over my seven years of experience, I've accrued over 12,400 followers around my work!

Here on my page, you'll be able to find links to my latest projects, information on my commissions, as well as how to contact me!

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Latest News and Projects:


Spectral Wings: The Lost Princess

Even in a world of shapeshifters and magic, there is one law that no one must break. Never turn into a dragon. 

Kari is a studious noblewoman, a trained in the arcane, future queen, and eager to finally graduate as a certified sorceress. However, on the day of her ordination, she is cursed - transformed into a dragon in front of the court and her husband-to-be.

Disgraced in front of the kingdom and trapped in the body of a monster, Kari must venture out of her home and seek out the solution to her curse. However, time is short. The war between dragons and shapeshifters may have ended twenty years ago, but tensions are rising again. As such, Kari must hurry - or else she may be accidentally caught in the crossfire of a seemingly long-dead war.

Dive into this tale of draconic proportions, available now on Amazon Kindle and Paperback!


Etsy Shop Now Open!

I am excited to announce my Etsy Shop is now open! If you are interested in listings ranging everywhere from stickers to custom pieces of art - the link is in the button below!

New drops are planned once a month, including Dungeons and Dragons inspired artwork!


Needs a little more RAM... (RAMCon)

2020 has been pretty tough for artists and other content creators alike. As such, we got together to create a convention from the comfort of your own home!

RAMCon is an online convention catered primarily towards the "Furry" fandom, though we host creators of all types! We've had two successful conventions both in April and October of 2020, and we're looking to come back for a third event from July 10-11th in 2021!