Prices & Services:



Ref Sheet: $100+

Includes 2 Perspectives (Front & Back). Options Below:

- 3/4 View Instead of Front/Back (+10%)

- Additional Perspective (+$30)

- Additional Features/Props (Ask for Price)

Character Stills: $150+

Each character puppet is hand-made from scratch and includes the following:

-15 Pre-Made HD Poses of your Character

-Full PSD File of your puppet (So you can make more poses if needed)

Clients may request to have additional/custom poses rendered for an additional price. Please contact me for details.

Logo Design: $40


Background: Ask for Price!

If you're looking for a particularly complex/painted background with a lot of details, or just a background on its own - this is your tier! Prices Vary a lot so please ask me to calculate a price for you!

Digital Character Badge: $45-75

Includes shading and your character's name! (Physical Copies Currently Unavailable)

Traditional Options:

Copic Markers: $50+ for a 9x12in Piece

Charcoal Illustration: $45+ for a 9x12in Piece

Half-Tone Paper: $40+ For a 9x12in Piece

Micron Illustration: $50+ For a 9x12in Piece