Professional Information:

Currently, I have 7 years of experience when it comes to creating digital art. I work with clients on a personal basis to ensure that they receive a product that they feel is satisfactory in a timely manner!

Turnaround for commission work is generally 2-4 weeks depending on one's location on the queue, most projects themselves tend to take about 2-4 days per project.

Work Experience:

Freelance Digital Artist

​2014 - present

Create custom artwork to the satisfaction of customers​. This includes providing frequent updates on works, making modifications where desired, and compromising to ensure the product comes out as quality as possible.

Video Editor

​2012 - present

Using products such as Premiere Pro, I will edit videos at any desired length. Videos automatically come edited in 1080p as a MPEG-4 (MP4) file- ideal for sites like YouTube.

Computer Repair Technician

​2016 - 2018

Repair broken hardware/solve issues pertaining to software and system board errors. Specialty in laptops, however, expanded to equipment such as cameras, tablets, and phones. Retired from this service when art and video production became my full-time job.

Digital Work

Computer: Microsoft Surface Pro

Tablet: Wacom 16 PRO


-Adobe Photoshop

-Adobe Animate

-Adobe Premiere

-Adobe After Effects

-Adobe Audition


Traditional Work


-Copic Markers


-Oil & Chalk Pastel

-Vine Charcoal

-Compressed Charcoal



-Stretched Canvas

-Canvas Board

-Blending Card

-Multi-media paper


-Drawing Medium

Director/Art Lead (Beta-9)

​2019 - present

Lead a team of voice actors and artists in developing a semi-animated motion comic, mix/compress audio, design characters as well as build rigs and assets for the web-series "Beta-9."

2010 - present
2010 - present

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