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Resume and Skills:



For business purposes, please contact via email or at:


4th Year BFA 3D Animation, Game Design (Minor)

Savannah College of Art and Design

Estimated Graduation: Spring 2024 (5-year Program)


I am officially trained in the following programs:

-Autodesk Maya (2019 and Above)

-Adobe Substance Painter

-Adobe Photoshop

-Adobe Premiere Pro

-Adobe Media Encoder

-Clip Studio Paint


I am also moderately proficient in the following programs:

-Adobe Audition

-Adobe After Effects

-Adobe Animate (Flash)

-Adobe Illustrator

-Unreal Engine 4.3 & 5


-Multi-project Management, Group Management, and Leadership experience

-Digital and Traditional Illustration (9 Years Experience, 6 freelance)

-Proficiency in short-form and long-form fictional writing/storytelling, character development, and world development.

-Eight years of Video Editing experience, as well as voice-over work and script development.

-Highly skilled in Asset Creation/Graphic Design for Social Media/Marketing


I also have Proficiency in PR/Social Media Management, including the following platforms:






Notable Experience/Previous Projects

Art Block (2017-2020)

Comprised of a whopping 50 episodes - written, edited, and produced by myself over the span of 3 years. Art Block focuses on the aspects of art education in a fun and easy to process way for beginners and experienced artists alike.

Spectral Wings: The Lost Princess (2016-2020)

Soley-written, a novel comprised of over 125,000 words and over 500 pages long, self-published thanks to the help of crowdfunding and fanbase assistance.

RAMCon (2020-2022)

Co-Founder, Head Staff, PR Manager, & Graphic Design. Focused on event hosting, managing large groups of artists/vendors/panelists, security & crowd management. Built virtual server from the ground up via Discord platform.

ClovenCast (2020-2021)

An original podcast hosted by myself, Animechristy, Mapleicious, and Spring Heart on YouTube - built from the ground up and providing audio-based entertainment and discussions on art and media.

Savannah College of Art and Design (2019-Present)

Active student at Savannah College of Art and Design, currently pursuing a BFA in 3D Animation with a minor in Game Development.

Spirit Productions - YouTube (2014-2022)

Host of multiple series, including "Art Block" (see above). Includes skills like collaboration with other creators, accruing 14k subscribers over an 8 year career.

Spirit Productions - Art (2015-Present)

Professional Freelance Illustration- specializing in character design as well as a wide variety of illustrative techniques and styles. Primarily proficient in digital, but also capable with traditional.

RAMCon: Dungeons and Daikons (2022)

Host of a 3-Part Live Series, includes experience in working with live audiences, asset production, international team coordination, and character acting.

Topsiders - Producer (2022)

Student-run short film produced over 7 weeks. Responsibilities included: Team management, timeline/deadline management, character animation, editing, title graphics.

Waterborne (IN PROGRESS)

A horror/thriller novel, this book is a love letter to the 80s era of Space Horror with an infectious twist. Publish Goal: 2023

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