Spectral Wings

In a world of shapeshifters and magical spells, few can match the magical prowess of the deer Kingdom of Falloway. Lady Kari of Falloway is slighted to become one of the next enchantresses of the land, gifted with a spellcasting necklace to symbolize her new status. However, what appears to be no more than a necklace contains an old curse, one which turns the innocent fauna into the most unholy of all beasts- a dragon.

Accused of heresy and branded for her shame, Kari is sent on a journey across the land to be changed back into her old self. Bad blood and long passed conflicts are rising from their graves once again as the war between fauna and dragons grows ever closer. As such, Kari must set things right before she is caught between a war of draconic proportions.

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Coming Soon- Beta Reading in Progress

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