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1. I have the right to refuse service to anyone regardless of Patron status or otherwise.

2. All payments MUST be made upfront. Slot reservations are accepted, however, will expire after 30 days if a payment date is not specified.

3. Deadline Commissions require a MINIMUM of 2 weeks work time and will come with additional fees. I work on multiple projects at a time and have other work outside of commissions, so please anticipate at least a month for completion time (more if the commission is particularly complex).

4. Any shipping required must be covered by the client.

5. Payments are via PayPal Invoice Only.

6. I have the right to post my artwork to my pages as an example for future clientele (including streaming the art). Should you wish to keep the commission private, please let me know when ordering!

7. Clients may not tokenize/resell custom artwork as an NFT for cryptocurrency. Reselling/trading an adoptable is okay.

8. Please do not edit my artwork or claim it as your own. Clients found editing or using my artwork for monetary purposes without previously agreed permission will be blacklisted from future business.


- Original Characters

- Backgrounds*

- Furries/Anthros

- Armor/Mechs*

- Complex Characters*

- Humans/Humanoids

- Couples/Romance

- LGBTQA Themes

- Fan Art

- Gift Art**

- Logos/Graphic Design

- Dragons

*Please note that additional costs may come with these as they do take longer and are more complex!


- Pornography/Sexually Explicit/Implicative Content

- Zoophilia, Pedophilia, Stalking, or Illegal Content

- Extreme blood/gore or Abuse

- Hate Speech, including Anti-Semitic, Anti-LGBTQIA, or content that targets Minorities

- Artwork that includes characters owned by other persons without their permission or breaks their terms of service

- Heavily Political Content/Propaganda

- Depictions of Infamous Persons/Uniforms (i.e. Nazis, Nazi Uniforms, Hitler, etc.)

- Fetish Art

**Clients who are found harassing others or commissioning art without the permission of the other party will be blacklisted from future business.

Additional Information & FAQ:

Can I post my commission to my page?

Yes! However, please make sure you do the following before doing so:

1. Let me know first (I'm generally okay with it but please just double check so I'm in the know).

2. Please wait until I have posted my version to my page. Posting it to your page before I've done my version ends up taking away interaction from my page which hurts my business.

3. Please be sure to credit me! Tagging me is preferable, however if you are on a different site, linking my page is also fine!

4. Please be sure to post the watermarked version to your page. The file I send you is a private copy, and while you are free to use it as you please- the watermark is there to prevent people stealing the art you paid for.

How do I commission you?

Here's a general breakdown of how things work:

1. Client fills out the commission form provided.

2. I (the artist) reach out via email with a quote (aka cost) of the commission, as well as any further details requested by the client.

3. If price is agreed upon, I send an invoice via PayPal. Once payment is received, client is marked "active" on the queue.

4. Once the artist has reached the client's position on the queue, I send over a rough sketch for approval. This is where you can request any major changes to the pose.

5. Once approved, I will continue working and update at various stages (such as flat colors, shading, etc). Clients may request minor changes if necessary, but once the lineart is done there isn't much I can do without adding additional charges to your commission.

6. Artist sends over finished product via email - if everything is approved, then I mark you as complete on the queue and the job is complete!

How do I find out when you're open for business?

I usually announce my commission openings on my Twitter and Discord server! I'll usually announce the opening a few days ahead of time so you can mark your calendar, but I'd recommend Discord for a guaranteed notification!

How often do you open commissions?

Usually on a monthly basis, however sometimes IRL stuff comes up which means I have to skip a month. Art is only my part-time gig at this point since I have stuff like art school and other projects to work on.

How long will my commission take?

I allot 2-3 weeks per-commission, but the average commission usually takes around 7-10 days from sketch approval to the completed product. Communication/updates are often slower during University, so your patience is very much appreciated.

Can I get a Refund?

In the event you are in need of a refund for whatever reason, here is my refund policy regarding stages of the commission process:

1. No work started: 100% Refund

2. Sketch Completed: 60% Refund

3. Linework/Color Completed: 30% Refund

In the event you are unsatisfied with your commission during the process, please let me know ASAP so I can make changes. Once the piece is complete, I cannot issue any refunds.

Issuing of any PayPal refunds without my knowledge or consent will result in immediate blacklisting from any future business.

Can I print out my commission?

If you are making a one-off print for yourself, then that is completely fine! However, if you are looking to commission me for a print to sell, then you'll need to tell me in advance so we can discuss royalties. Personal use is okay though!

Can I get a custom project?

Of course! If you're ever interested in getting a custom project/something not listed in the standard price array, feel free to reach out! I love taking on custom work - but I can't always list prices for everything I do.

Feel free to use my contact page if you have any questions!

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